Hinting at a silhouette, a shape of reality defined through relationships (Part 1 of 3)

Text-Image #4. Typewritten on paper. 20 cm x 20cm. 2020.


I think there is tremendous value in developing a consciousness of the dynamic and interconnected nature of things. In this essay I will talk about how my experimentation with depicting change in my art…

Wakan Tanka, Human and the Drowning Whale. Crayon on custom made paper, 152 cm x 92cm. 2011.

“Progress implies improvement, but man is always the same, confronting a situation that is forever changing, while choice always remains a choice in any situation.” Jean-Paul Sartre

The British Petroleum (BP) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 felt personal. A gut punch of profit and exploitation to…

About the first start

The first time I tried my hand at writing a blog in 2015 I wanted to “explore the notion of Art and/as Process” by addressing “different aspects of my creative process not shying away from the everyday mundane aspects of bringing a work of art to…

Andrzej Tarasiuk

Polish-Canadian artist interested in the connection between value systems, change and perception; the idea of nature defined through relationships and processes

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