Andrzej Tarasiuk
2 min readJan 29, 2020

About the first start

The first time I tried my hand at writing a blog in 2015 I wanted to “explore the notion of Art and/as Process” by addressing “different aspects of my creative process not shying away from the everyday mundane aspects of bringing a work of art to existence.” Thinking about process and how that applied to my views on art, having now been engaged in its production for 20+ years I still stand by my view that what I produce is “not a static object but one which shifts in form, meaning and interpretation.”

Which is one of the reasons I like writing about my work and the ideas which inspire it as it creates a marker I can look back on to inform where I am at the present moment. I think that I will stick to my original intent of sharing what I find to be interesting tidbits about art making and the ideas which keep me engaged.

Currently my research and work is aimed at the question of how do our value systems change in relation to our perception? I have been untangling this question by looking at the world through the wide lens of process which has made the complexity of issues approachable. By looking at the processes or mechanisms which continually shape landscape, such as ecosystem services, governmental policies, technology, economy and urbanization and how they interconnect I hope to highlight the positive and negative impacts of humans on the biosphere. And in the process provide some clues as to the relationship between value and perception.

In the next few posts I will go back to a kind of beginning to where I am now in my work. I will start by going back to 2010 and the British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon oil spill.



Andrzej Tarasiuk

Polish-Canadian artist interested in the connection between value systems, change and perception; the idea of nature defined through relationships and processes